Giving + Getting…Chocolate Making A Difference

Drexelius Chocolates makes giving or getting gifts easy.  I’ve done a lot of tasting and research to find the world’s finest all natural chocolate.  You get to enjoy the yuuuuummy results!

The chocolate makers carried by Drexelius Chocolates do more than just create delectable chocolate.  They work hard to create a better environment, living and future for the farmers and our world.  Read more about our wonderful chocolate makers and feel great about giving and getting their incredibly delicious products:

  • Casa Don Puglisi strives for quality, dignity and fairness with their 100% Fair Trade chocolate
  • Original Beanscheck out their 10 Operating Principles
  • Claudio CoralloNo shortcuts for this tree to bar chocolate maker who lives and works on the islands where his cacao is grown
  • Chuao ChocolatierThe company’s Aguasanta Growth Initiative provides needed funding to Venezuelan cacao farmers for plant seedlings as well as training to increase growth of their cacao crops.
  • Dolfinrecognized as Belgium’s first CO2-neutral chocolate company
  • Askinosiehas A Stake in the Outcome(tm)

Drexelius Chocolates is ready to help you create incredible all natural chocolate gifts for your friends and family.  You can also select from ready-made gift sets and distinctive chocolate gifts.  Your friends and family will appreciate and love your generous offering.  Every chocolate purchase allows these great chocolate makers to continue to help farmers, our world and continue to create yummy chocolate.

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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