Harajuku Crepe – Review

The other night we were going out and my boyfriend asked if there was a chocolate place we wanted to check out in the area we were headed.  So I checked my “To Do” list and told him to go to Harajuku Crepe, which is in Beverly Hills.  The streets were quiet and we found a parking space right near the shop.  Lucky us!

Having never been here before, we were amazed at the menu.  All natural organic teas and crêpes.  The idea is to pick a crêpe batter and add as many ingredients as you like.  You are charged for each item.  Their crêpes are like traditional French-style crêpes, but Harajuku adds mochi flour which gives a slight chewiness.  My boyfriend tried an original crêpe with banana, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (see photo above).  The original crêpe has a nice crunch to it and is very delicious.  He said he would be more adventurous next time and have more fruit in place of the ice cream.

I got the buckwheat crêpe with black sesame ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce (photo above).  Just look at that beauty!  Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.  I think they could be a bit more liberal with the chocolate, though!  I really liked the flavors I chose.  The buckwheat crêpe is softer than the original.  I like the crunch of the original crêpe.  The black sesame ice cream is super yummy.  Its nuttiness was nicely offset by the ripe strawberries.  Good pick, Molly!  Thanks 🙂

Everything was fresh and delicious.  The staff was really nice and helpful.  The place is small, clean.  You’ll probably want to take your order to go.  Good prices for such fresh, organic food.  Our two crêpes and two barley teas came to $16.  That’s a bargain in Beverly Hills (or anywhere, really).  If you are in Beverly Hills, definitely stop by Harajuku Crepe and order up their organic treats and teas.  If you are looking for all natural chocolate, check out the selection at Drexelius Chocolates.  Your taste buds will thank you.

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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