Tour de (South) France – Chocolate In Monaco 2

Monaco is not that big of a place, but big things happen here.  Formula One has a race here every year, which shuts down the streets of this tiny country.  They zoom up past the casino and down around the harbor.  Driving the course is par for the visit.

The Monte Carlo Casino attracts high rollers and first time gamblers.  James Bond has filmed two movies here.  As you walk down to the harbor, you stroll by the high-end stores and admire the luxury yachts.  We happened to be in town for Monaco’s Independence Day as a principality.  We showed up excited for the fireworks and special events, but were surprised to find out that most things happened the day before.  So we missed the festivities.  We enjoyed the town anyway in all its evening glory.

Right next to the Casino is a place called Cafe de Paris.  It is an unassuming place where you can stop for a drink or snack.  It’s a perfect place to meet people since it is centrally located.  We got the chance to eat here a few times and on the last night of our trip I ordered a chocolate mousse cake from this fine establishment.

The Cafe seriously blew me away with this dessert.  The flavors were simple, elegant and complimented each other very well. The orange sauce was not too sweet and was superb with the chocolate mousse cake.  The mousse was light, delicious and had a wonderful chocolate flavor.  What a way to say au revoir to the south of France.  Thank you, Cafe de Paris!

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2 Responses to Tour de (South) France – Chocolate In Monaco 2

  1. Babygirl says:

    This chocolate looks sooo good. I want some now lol

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