Stay Healthy With Chocolate

One thing many people say after New Years is, “I’ve got to go on a diet and lose weight.”  Then they stop eating chocolate, which in my opinion is not the best idea.  Why, you ask?   Because chocolate is good for us in so many ways (read more here):

*  has heart healthy cocoa butter, which does not raise cholesterol

*  helps increase blood flow to the brain

*  is rich in antioxidants

*  helps lower blood pressure, protects teeth and reduce stress

*  tastes fantastic, especially when it comes from Drexelius Chocolates!

Why stop eating chocolate when it can do all these good things for you plus taste wonderful while you’re doing it?  Hmmm…not sure.  I’d rather give up cheese or bread than chocolate any day!

To get the incredible flavor and wonderful benefits you have to select high quality, all natural chocolate.  Then you retain the healthy nutrients and flavor that you won’t get with lower quality chocolate, which contains artificial fats and flavors to help mask the junk they are using in their bars.  When you enjoy the high quality chocolate bars, you savor the flavor of the chocolate and are not eating as many calories.

Drexelius Chocolates carries the world’s finest all natural chocolate that is created by chocolate makers who care about the product from start to finish.  You can taste it in their delicious results.  An added bonus is that the chocolate retains more nutrients because the chocolate maker carefully monitors each step of the process to bring out the best flavor of the bean.  Over processing strips the beans of valuable health benefits and flavor, which is why some companies need to add sugar, fat and flavor back to the bars they create.

It is best to remember that eating premium dark chocolate allows you to gain the most of these benefits, like the all natural chocolate you will find at Drexelius Chocolates.  We continually search the world for the very best chocolate and then make it easy for you to find them.

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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  1. But some of the hot cocoas CR recently tested are more heavenly than others.The best one Godiva Dark Chocolate is full-bodied with high-quality chocolate and cocoa flavors roasted notes and a hint of vanilla. CRs trained tasters said the lowest-rated Stephens Dark Chocolate is grayish and thin with an artificial-chocolate flavor and the kind of sweet taste you find in cake mix. As prepared all of the cocoas have 20 to 35 percent of the daily-recommended value of calcium except Stephens which has 6 percent.Chocolate is a source of flavanols anti-oxidants that have been linked to lowering blood pressure.

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