Journey to the Moon Pie

My boyfriend has been reading Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure with his son for months.  The book has made the boy crazy for moon pies, but they are not easy to find here on the west coast.  The moon pie was created by Chattanooga Bakery in TN back in 1929.   The moon pie recipe consists of two round graham cracker cookies and marshmallow creme filling in the center, dipped in chocolate.  Other flavors are available, but I’ll stick with chocolate!

So my boyfriend ordered a box to have his son try them.  His son likes Whoopie Pies, but these are different.  We’d have to see how the Moon Pies rate with the little one.  Let’s taste one!

The cookie is super soft with a rich marshmallow filling.  The paper-thin chocolate coating is just there for show.  You can’t taste any chocolate over the sweet, soft cookie and marshmallow.  I only took two bites and decided that was enough of this flavorless, sugary treat.

After dinner one night I offered one of these Moon Pie cookies to his son, but he turned it down.  This was the rest of our conversation:

    Him:  I don’t really like marshmallow.
    Me:  Oh.  Do you like graham crackers?
    Him:  Not really.
    Me:  Did you just want the chocolate?
    Him:  Yeah.
    Me:  Sometimes that’s all I want, too.  🙂

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