H3 Chocolate – Review

We were out in Glendale this weekend and came upon a farmer’s market.  It was a glorious day and we strolled down the path to check out the wares in the various stalls.  Lo and behold, the H3 chocolate bar called out to us.

“H3 wishes History, Healing, Happiness to the mind, body and spirit.”  H3 has only been sold for three months.  The man selling the chocolate, Arnold Roman, was the brother of the chocolate chef.  The chocolate bars are not bean to bar, but molded from another source.  Arnold could not confirm the chocolate. (I am looking into that now.)

When I got home to write my review, I jumped on the H3 website to find out more info and I realized I had met the chocolate chef, Rene Roman, back in 2009!  Rene and I had a chance meeting at a chocolate event in Los Angeles.  He was looking for a way to create his chocolate bars so we talked, he asked my opinion and I gave him some advice.  Looks like some of it panned out.  Too funny, right?

Back to the chocolate bars.  The bars are made with all natural ingredients.  There are three different chocolate bars right now:  Strawberry Vanilla, Peanut Banana and Hazelnut Orange Cinnamon.  All of the bars are 53% dark chocolate.  The Strawberry was a little too sweet and overpowering.  My boyfriend tasted the Peanut and said it was a little sweet, but you could clearly taste the banana.  It was like tasting a chocolate dipped banana.  My favorite was the Hazelnut, which has a wonderful warm cinnamon smell.  The hazelnuts are chopped finely and spread nicely throughout the bar.  The nutty, spicy, citrusy and chocolate flavors blend nicely and the chocolate is smooth.  Nice work with this bar, Rene!

The H3 bar is only sold in a few locations in Glendale.  Maybe you’ll see it soon on Drexelius Chocolates?  Anyway, if you are in the market for fantastic all natural chocolate, check out the great selection at Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy some today!

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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2 Responses to H3 Chocolate – Review

  1. The chocolate banana one sounds delicious…and so does the hazelnut one! Mmmmm. I may have to go to that farmers’ market. What street is it on? I live in Burbank. Thanks!

    • Hey Geni,
      The farmers market is in Glendale at the outdoor shopping center called Americana — a really pretty place to stroll and enjoy the day — the market is only open a few hours on the weekend, but hopefully you’ll catch it 🙂

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