Churros Calientes – Review

So we’ve already had a bad experience with churros, but we’ve also had a great one.  We started out journey on a really high note.  We dipped ourselves into a chocolate tizzy with soft and delicious freshly made churros from the Fillmore May Fair.  Our disappointing encounter was with Xorro, which let us down with hard-as-rock churros and disgusting chocolate for dipping.  That Xorro location is no longer in business (surprise!) and I wouldn’t suggest you seek another out.

So when I heard about Churros Calientes I was wary to be sure.  I wanted to enjoy it, but my encounter with Xorro made me hesitant.  Still, I forge on!  Chocolate awaits 🙂

The place is small and cozy and reminds me of a European cafe.  There are few tiny tables, but thankfully turnover seems fast because the service was quick.  The owner and staff are super friendly and were happy to help you pick an order if you don’t know what to get.  We picked the house favorite, which is the churros con chocolate.

You can see that the order of churros is small, but they were fresh and hot.  Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Each churro was about a half inch wide and about 6 inches long.  The hot chocolate was smooth and thick so it grabbed nicely to the ridges of the churro.

If you are in the neighborhood or love churros, I would definitely recommend Churros Calientes.  They are fresh and organic, but didn’t top my experience with dipping churros into melted Rogue Chocolatier chocoolate.  If you want some delicious hot churros, it will definitely will do.  I will go back if I am in the area.

Want to skip the churro and just enjoy chocolate?  Head on over to Drexelius Chocolates for a fantastic selection of handmade and gourmet chocolate.  Your taste buds will thank you.

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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