Askinosie Chocolate Tanzania – Review

Askinosie Chocolate Tanzania bar-2011The Askinosie Chocolate Tanzania bar was created by students of the Chocolate University program, which is a neighborhood outreach program in Springfield, Missouri that inspires students about small business and social responsibility.  Donations allowed them to take 13 Central High School students from Springfield, Missouri to Tenende, Tanzania to meet the UWATE farmer group, which is led by a woman – Mama Kyeja.

The students learned first hand about making “bean to bar” chocolate, which is put to the test with the results of this chocolate bar.  Chocolate University also funded a deep water well to provide clean water to the 2,000 villagers of Tenende.

Here are my tasting notes for the Askinosie Tanzania dark chocolate bar:

The bar is a rich brown color with a glossy texture.  It gives a nice, sharp snap when broken.  The aroma is mellow with hints of dried tobacco.  Mouthfeel is smooth with a slow melt which lets you enjoy the bar.  Flavors are mild.  Behind the chocolate there are earthy notes with faint tobacco and a red flavor like dried cherries.  Long aftertaste and a smooth finish.

This chocolate bar has nice round flavors and is a wonderfully solid chocolate bar.  It doesn’t zing all over the flavor map trying to be all things or play too many flavor cards.  Askinosie Tanzania gives your taste buds a really good dark chocolate bar to enjoy.  Simple and delicious.  Good work, students!

If you enjoy a really nice dark chocolate bar, then the Askinosie Tanzania bar will suit you just fine.  Find this bar and more in our current chocolate selection at Drexelius Chocolates.

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