The Best Way To Store Chocolate

Olive & Sinclair chocolate

What is the best way to store chocolate?  Well, if you happen to have chocolate lying around, it is important to store it properly.  Why?  Chocolate is super sensitive to temperature and odor.  It’s best to be careful with it or you’ll be faced with a chocolate mess.

I don’t want you to make the mistakes I’ve made.  I had to find out the hard way.  Ready for some chocolate, reaching for the bar and squish!  Noooooooo!  Chocolate oozing out the corners (thankfully on the counter), wrapper dented.  Ugh!  Serious fail.  It’s better to follow these tips and avoid these issues.

Tips on how to store chocolate:

1)  Keep it cool:  Keep chocolate in a cool place, like the fridge, to avoid temperature extremes.

2)  Fresh, fresh, baby:  A Ziploc bag will help keep out the odors and moisture.  Chinese leftovers is not a flavor I look for in chocolate.

3)  Beware the mashup:  Mixing multiple open chocolate bars in one bag can make the bars taste the same.  Don’t care about preserving the flavor?  Mix to your heart’s content.

4)  Time matters:  Let chilled chocolate slowly come back to room temperature.  Wrap chocolate in a towel and give it at least 20 minutes.

Follow these simple tips so that you and your chocolate can live a happy life together.  Need more chocolate to stock up your supply?  Find a great selection at Drexelius Chocolates.  Order chocolate today and store chocolate for tomorrow!

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2 Responses to The Best Way To Store Chocolate

  1. I don’t like storing mine in the fridge because I find that I sometimes wind up with moisture issues. I’ve contemplated getting a very small wine cabinet just for my chocolate – what temperature would I want to set it to?

    • Hi Victoria,
      Have you ever tried Ziploc bags? Those have always done the trick for me. When storing in the fridge, you can also wrap the outside of the chocolate wrappers in paper towels to trap moisture.

      Wine coolers are a great option because they keep the moisture low, but require extra space and cost. Most wine fridges don’t need to be set to any temperature. They set automatically and adjust as needed. Mine stays pretty cool and has never risen above 60 degrees, even on the hottest of days.

      Thanks for checking out the post!

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