Tisano Chocolate Tea – Review


Tisano logo

Tisano and their chocolate tea were on my radar before I hit the floor of the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  I was intrigued by the “chocolate tea” after reading a brief summary of the Tisano company.

I have tried my share of different chocolate tea and I hoped Tisano wasn’t like them.  Other brands throw cocoa powder in with some tea and expect miracles.  That doesn’t happen.  First off, the cocoa powder doesn’t like to mix in the water which leaves a weird film after steeping.  Then, the cocoa flavor doesn’t come across very well and is overwhelmed by the other flavors in the tea.  So I kept my hopes at bay about Tisano, but was interested all the same.

We strolled the show floor enjoying samples and looking for new products when we finally came to the Tisano booth.  I was handed a cup of clear tea glowing the color of a golden coin.  Promising.  The aroma was definitely cacao, pleasant and clean.  The cocoa flavor was smooth and delicate.  Truly refreshing and delicious.

Tisano tin and tea

image from Tisano.com

Tisano tea is 100% organic cacao bean shell so you get pure cacao in every cup.  No powders.  No strange flavors getting in the way.  Just pure cacao.  Order Tisano from Drexelius Chocolates and savor this caffeine-free, anitoxidant-rich cacao tea anytime.  Available in 0.5 oz sample size, 4 oz tin and 8 oz pouch.  Enjoy!

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