Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest – Review

Original Beans Beni bar 2011
Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest is back with a new packaging design and a new lower price.  Has the flavor of the chocolate bar changed too?  Let’s find out.

The Beni chocolate bar (#1) was my introduction to Original Beans.  I picked up the bar on a trip to SF.  The chocolate maker was new to me so I wanted to try the bar.  We were headed out the door for dinner, but I was ready for chocolate so I grabbed the box, cracked it open, broke off a piece of chocolate and popped it in my mouth.  I almost stopped in my tracks as the smooth, creamy chocolate enveloped my tongue and the flavors unfolded.  Tasting the bar again the next day verified that the chocolate was not a fluke.

Beni #1 was dark and delicious with a deep flavor profile.  It didn’t jump out at you with flashy flavors or bold notes.  It had a delicate sweetness and a full-bodied, earthy flavor.  This new Beni bar (#2) has been molded into a new 2.46 ounce bar shape.  The packaging follows similar lines as in the past, but adds a splash of color to represent each bar and Beni is bright orange.  The mold has changed from long rectangular sticks to square starburst shapes.  Enough about the look, how about the taste?

My tasting notes for the 2011 Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest dark chocolate bar:

    This 66% dark chocolate bar has a rich, dark brown color with a beautiful glossy sheen.  Under the chocolate aroma is a faint fruitiness.  The bar has a super crisp snap and it takes some force to break a piece off.  The bar is not creamy, but melts cleanly with a silky feel.  Delicate red and orange fruit, not overpowering or flashy.  Like enjoying a mellow tropical drink.  Long finish.

Wild or not, Original Beans has tamed these cacao beans to make a brand new bar that shows off a ligher, fruitier side of Bolivia.  Buy this Beni Wild Harvest chocolate bar and and all the Original Beans bars for your favorite chocolate lover at Drexelius Chocolates now.  They’ll thank you for it.

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3 Responses to Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest – Review

  1. Why must you always make me drool? This chocolate sounds unique and spectacular. Fruity?! Smooth finish! Silky?!!! You had me at Beni…so close to my name—Geni

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