Is There All-You-Can-Eat In France?

All-you-can-eat cartoon - Drexelius Chocolates

Think about it.  All that great food in all those great French eateries.  There are little French bistros.  Cafés.  Diners.  Restaurants.  None of them serve all-you-can-eat.  Why?

Quality, Not Quantity
The French are looking for quality, not quantity.  Some say if you want to lose weight you just have to eat at French restaurants because of the small portions.  Truth is, the French don’t skimp on quality ingredients, which makes the meal taste better and more enjoyable.  There isn’t one boulangerie in town, but many to satisfy the hunger of all the people who want fresh bread with their daily meals.

Substance, Not Sales
Yes, you will see McDonald’s in Paris or Nice, but that is for the American tourists.  The French are more interested in finding fresh, all natural food.  Heavily processed, tasteless food is not on the top of their list of things to eat for the day when they are presented with a whole variety of better options at every turn.

Eat Well, Do Good
Drexelius Chocolates offers only the finest all natural chocolate by the world’s best chocolate makers.  The chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates has been selected for its terrific taste and ingredients.  No mediocrity allowed.  This is chocolate that makes your taste buds say, “Wow!”

Plus every chocolate purchase supports Mother Earth with our partnership through and their global carbon offset projects to help us reach a clean energy future.  Order your chocolate now and enjoy with a friend.

Savor Chocolate Today

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