Original Beans Is Helping the Planet With Chocolate

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Have you helped the planet today?  This year Earth Day is April 22, 2011, but why not think about every day as Earth Day.  One of the chocolate makers at Drexelius Chocolates is making a difference.

Original Beans Impacts The Congo
Cru Virunga is the first ever chocolate bar from the Congo and Original Beans is doing their part to create a positive impact in the area.  These are the results of an independent impact study for 2008-2010 on their cacao project in Eastern Congo:

  • Healthier farms:  13 thousand farmers with an average field size below 1 hectare are certified organic or in conversion.
  • Increasing wealth:  The average household income has doubled from €406 to €801 ($573 to $1131).
  • Thriving forests:  Three million cocoa and 60 thousand shade trees have been planted.
  • Lower cut rate:  The rate of deforestation in the immediate project area is reduced by 50%.
  • Increasing health care:  13 thousand households have been included in HIV/AIDS+tuberculosis campaign.

Even though chocolate may be their end product, it’s refreshing to see that Original Beans is looking after the whole package.  The farmers, the forests and the world all benefit from the efforts put forth by Original Beans.  Plus, we get to enjoy their delicious chocolate. Order Original Beans now from Drexelius Chocolates and support this terrific bean-to-bar chocolate company.

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