DC Partnership With Carbonfund.org Goes Into Third Year

Partner CarbonFree Carbonfund.org - Drexelius ChocolatesDrexelius Chocolates is continuing the successful partnership with Carbonfund.org.  Over the past two years, Drexelius Chocolates has been carbonfree thanks to Carbonfund.org.  How do they do it?  They support global carbon offset projects to help us reach a clean energy future.  Together, we are having a very real and positive impact:

  • Reforesting native hardwood forests in Northeastern Louisiana, while protecting the Louisiana Black Bear and the Florida Panther
  • Protecting the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil from slash-and-burn forest clearing
  • Supporting wind energy in India and China
  • Saving up to one gallon of diesel an hour per truck with the Truck Stop Electrification Project in several US states including California, Ohio and Texas
  • Reducing methane emissions and providing alternative energy in Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire
  • Generating clean electricity from local manure in Chino, California

How we leave it for future generations is up to us.  Reduce your carbon footprint or simply donate to Carbonfund.org by clicking here.  A little bit goes a long way to offset your impact on our planet.

Together we are doing great things to help preserve our beautiful Mother Earth.  Celebrate with some delicious chocolate and enjoy the glorious day we have created!

Go Green Buy Chocolate

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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2 Responses to DC Partnership With Carbonfund.org Goes Into Third Year

  1. Linda Kelly says:

    And we at the Carbonfund.org Foundation are honored to have a great partner like Taste Temptress Molly and Drexelius Chocolates. We applaud their ongoing environmental commitment and their deep commitment to providing the world’s finest chocolates to the world’s chocoholics!

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