Askinosie Chocolate Honduras – Review

Askinosie Chocolate Honduras bar - Drexelius ChocolatesAskinosie Chocolate has been impressing me lately.  The chocolate bar I’ll review today is the Askinosie Chocolate Honduras bar, which was created after they traveled to Cortés, Honduras to find just the right beans for their newest bar.  Cocoa has its origins in this area, which has a long history of cocoa farming dating back to the Mayan civilization.

I really fell in love with Askinosie when I tasted the Davao bar.  It has such a depth and I enjoy letting myself really get into it.  Then came the more recent Tanzania bar, which was done by students of the Chocolate University.  Another bar to savor and share with friends.  Let’s find out if the Honduras bar keeps up the pace.  Here are my tasting notes for the Askinosie Honduras dark chocolate bar:

    As with most Askinosie chocolate bars, the bar is a rich brown color with a glossy texture.  It gives a nice, sharp snap when broken.  The aroma is fruity with hints of red berries.  Mouthfeel is smooth with a slow melt, which allows me to enjoy the bar.  Bold flavors jumped out right from the start when I placed it in my mouth.  Kind of sharp, like intense dried citrus and tangy fruit.

The Askinosie Honduras chocolate bar is loaded with flavor, much like the the experimental gum that Violet Beauregarde tastes.  Askinosie Honduras gives your taste buds a real workout.  Bright, bold and bursting with flavor.

Looking for a way to test your taste buds?  The Askinosie Honduras bar will do the job.  Check out all the Askinosie chocolate bars and more in our current chocolate selection at Drexelius Chocolates.

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