Original Beans Piura Porcelana – Review

Original Beans Piura bar 2011Along with the recent new packaging design and a new lower price, Original Beans also brought out a new chocolate bar – Piura Porcelana.  The packaging splash is bright pink for Piura.

In 2007, Original Beans discovered a “forgotten” white cacao, or “Porcelana,” in the foothills of the Andes in Peru.  Porcelana criollo cacao is ultra-rare and was previously thought only to be found in Venezuela and Mexico and is appreciated for its exceptionally vibrant, fruity flavors.

Nearly extinct, Original Beans’ collaboration with the regional farmer cooperative has brought this variety back into production.  The replanting program allows local farmers to make the transition from rice to cacao and higher cacao prices for this prized bean guarantee farmers a good future.

Let’s taste this 2011 Piura Porcelana bar from Original Beans:

  • This new bar is a 75% dark chocolate and comes out of the package showing off a smooth, deep leather brown color and a glossy sheen.  The aroma that hits my nose is sweet, almost creamy, with a hint of nuts and reminds me of marshmallows – light, fluffy.  The bar has a crisp snap, a super smooth mouthfeel like the Beni bar and melts cleanly.  The bar does not taste sweet.  It is light and fruity, with a mellow citrus note and it floats on your tongue.  Not bold or jarring.  Long finish.

Original Beans continues their efforts to preserve the bean’s native habitats and prevent further deforestation.  For every bar you buy they will plant a tree in the region of the bean’s origin, which you can learn about using the lot number on your bar via their site.  They have recyclable packaging, offset their fossil fuel use and use renewable energy in the production of their chocolate.

A green chocolate company makes dark chocolate with rare white cacao.  Buy the Piura Porcelana chocolate bar and all the Original Beans chocolate for your favorite chocolate lover at Drexelius Chocolates now.  Make your taste buds dance with joy!

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