National Truffles Day Is Here

Empty Truffle Box

May 2 is National Truffles Day.  How will you be celebrating?  I heard about some special chocolates made by a pastry chef who worked at The French Laundry and with some of Europe’s finest chocolatiers.   These chocolates are limited in selection and are only sent out in special invitation-only allocations four times a year.  Sign me up!

Well, the Spring allocation request came, which I accepted without hesitation.  I was so excited when the seasonal selection arrived.  It came with some goodies like assorted caramels, pumpkin seed brittle and pate de fruit.  The brittle is the best of the bunch.  Light and crispy with a fantastic nutty burst.  I have to dip this in chocolate!

Then there were the truffles.  Sixteen in all, eight flavors, two of each.  I never came near the white chocolate truffle because it didn’t look appetizing and it didn’t travel well.   So seven flavors are left.  Two are decent in flavor and composition, but nothing my taste buds got excited about.  One is just okay…edible.  The other four are not worth eating.  I actually choose not to eat the remainder of some of these “exclusive” truffles and they are pitched in the trash.

I am not a huge truffle fan, but I have had a large assortment of truffles in my time.  Some good, some bad, some incredibly awesome.  These truffles from La Forêt in Napa were mediocre at best.  I would rather have more goodies to taste than this box of truffles.

Why choose mediocre when you can have the best chocolate from the world’s finest chocolate makers?  Check out the selection from Drexelius Chocolates and have yumminess shipped right to your door.

Tickle Your Taste Buds!

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One Response to National Truffles Day Is Here

  1. I need a truffle right now to celebrate! Too bad those truffles were so ordinary. My favorite truffles are from Chuao which I know you carry. Their marzipan one is my fave, but the ones with heat are delectable as well. I love baking with their unsweetened cocoa powder. Those sweets always turn out better than my ones not made with it. Have a great day!

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