Product Suggestions – Survey

Chocolate Bar Stack - Wrappers
You’ve checked out the current stock of delicious chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates and tried some of it out.  Incredible chocolate and saving with free shipping is just too much to pass up.  Would you like to see more chocolate products on the Drexelius Chocolates site?

Why doesn’t Drexelius Chocolates just carry all the chocolate in the world?  Because I am selective.  The chocolate products need to have all natural ingredients and I have to like how they taste.  Have you ever tried to get someone to eat something you don’t like to eat?  Your half-hearted attempt comes across in the message.  I would rather support things I truly l-o-v-e because my passion is behind the product 100%.

Anyway, are there specific products you are interested in seeing at Drexelius Chocolates?  I am constantly tasting and trying products.  Not a bad gig, right?  Trust me, just because the label says chocolate doesn’t mean it’s delicious.  Even chocolate that I have tried before gets tried again.  Things can change in the chocolate world so I have to stay open-minded.

If there is there a certain chocolate bar or chocolate maker you’d like to have available, let me know by answering my product survey.  Thank you for participating!

Product Survey

In the meantime, enjoy some of the current selection of Drexelius Chocolates or share some with a chocolate loving friend.  They’ll be glad you did.

Buy Delicious Chocolate

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

I appreciate your help. Be the first to know what’s up with all things chocolate.  Follow me @drexchocolates, subscribe to my feed or sign up for chocolate blog updates. ❤ forever.  And tell a friend because sharing is caring!

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2 Responses to Product Suggestions – Survey

  1. Lowe says:

    Some suggestions off the top of my head:
    -Fresco is doing really good work. I like their approach to only change 1 or 2 variables and tell you what they’re doing.
    -Friis Holm, if you can get it.
    -Christophe Morel Fortunato no. 4
    -Duffy’s from the UK
    -Domori. (some I like some I don’t care as much for)

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