Chocolate Fountains Are Foul

chocolate fountainNothing gets me going like chocolate. Oozing, glistening, chocolate. Except I don’t like chocolate fountains. That’s right. I said it. There are a few things that just don’t seem right about chocolate fountains and I don’t think I’m alone in my observations.

Some people equate chocolate fountains to having chocolate fondue.  I beg to differ.  Chocolate fountains need to be flowing consistantly and many times use low quality chocolate that have added oils to get that effect.  I would rather not have any of that chocolate and eat the fresh fruit by itself than ruin it with the weird, flavorless chocolate.

As for the things that get dipped into the chocolate, that’s a whole other thing.  Children’s fingers have a way of finding their way into the pretty flow of chocolate.  Goodness knows what the flowing chocolate stream “catches” as it is exposed to the air.  Food crumbs breaking off and floating in the “chocolate.”  Yum.  Random banana pieces and pretzel shards.  Not my idea of decadence and deliciousness.

Really? Is this how you show your guests a good time?  Try something a little different and set up a high-end chocolate station that offers your guests the world’s finest chocolate to enjoy at their leisure.  Or do a plated offering of delicious chocolate circulating through the crowd.  Now that’s a classy party!

For your next party or event make sure to order some Drexelius Chocolates and tantalize their taste buds.  Your guests will thank you for giving them the very best.

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2 Responses to Chocolate Fountains Are Foul

  1. Lowe says:

    I totally 100% agree! The low grade, high sugar chocolate mixed with oil turns my stomach. I never even thought about people’s fingers and all the other yucky stuff in them. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat from one again now without thinking of this.

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