How To Taste Wine And Chocolate

wine for tasting
May 25th is National Wine Day.  If you like to have chocolate with your wine, here is a quick how-to for wine and chocolate.

It’s anytime, anyplace and you are ready to enjoy it with a glass of wine.  Thankfully someone thought to bring chocolate to the party!  How to enjoy them together?  Here are the easy instructions:

1)  Take a sip of wine

2)  Take a small bite of chocolate.  Chew it a little and let the chocolate begin to melt in your mouth.

3)  Take another sip of wine.

The end result will be a mingling of flavors from the wine and chocolate.  The two merging together will make another set of new flavors.  Some wine and chocolate pairings create heavenly matches, some are just okay, while others make your face pucker (which is not the goal).  Everyone’s palette will react differently so trial and error is the best way to find your favorite pairings.

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