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One Tasty Lady

When I was a kid, I sold candy from a suitcase to my classmates so I could buy myself chocolate treats.  My insatiable chocolate obsession led to finding uncommonly delicious chocolate, which is how my online business Drexelius Chocolates came about in 2007.  I’m Molly Drexelius (drek-SELL-ē-us), Taste Temptress and owner of Drexelius Chocolates.


Drexelius Chocolates is committed each day to deliver:

  • the highest quality chocolate, both in taste and ingredients
  • the personalized customer service you deserve
  • a socially and environmentally responsible company
  • a place you love to shop and tell your friends about

Delicious Journey
Cooking.  Traveling.  Photography.  My experiences have given me a chance to enjoy many different cultures and flavors.  I still love to travel and usually have a camera with me so I can capture the special events and delicious foods in my life to share with others.

Live, Think and Breathe Chocolate
Why do anything else?  I keep current with chocolate news and continue my chocolate education to stay on top of chocolate trends and issues to provide the best products and services.  In December 2010, I graduated from the Chocolate Making from the Bean Progam at Ecole Chocolat.

Sharing Is Caring
Just as I share with you, friends tell me about new products, recipes and yummy finds.  Do you have something to share?  I’d love to know!  In the meantime, check out the great selection of chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates and share a few bars with a friend.  They’ll be grateful you did!

4 Responses to About

  1. Laurel says:

    I love your blog and thanks for the callout sistah! Great pic of you, so cute, so grown up!

  2. Rob Monahan says:

    Hi there!

    Awesome site! I wanted to know if you’d be willing to take a look at my book,
    “The Ultimate Guide to Finding Chocolate in NYC” and to possibly write a short (or long) review. I am looking for feedback from people who know and love chocolate.
    With your permission we would like to print the review in our upcoming hot chocolate book for New York City. Thanks!

    Rob Monahan

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