Favorite Bars

People always ask what are my favorite bars.  This is not always an easy question to answer since there are so many wonderful chocolate bars!  Which one I want changes as much as what I want to eat for lunch or dinner:  Chinese?  Mexican?  Italian?  Burgers?  Thai?  All the choices!

What it comes down to is deciding on what makes them your favorite.  Is it the texture?  The flavor?  I will jot down some of my favorites, but would love for you to help out by submitting yours as well.  Remember to come back to submit new ones when they pop up!

I really love a lot of chocolate, but here are a few of my faves (no particular order):

Claudio Corallo SoftNibs (70%) – an amazing bar – the texture, flavor

Rogue Hispaniola (70%) – this bar brings harmony to my mind

BruCo Salt (74%) – this pairing is simply heaven for me

Original Beans Cru Virunga (70%) – divine…plus for every bar purchased they plant a tree in the area of the beans origin!

Please share your favorites!  I am excited to see what tempts your taste buds…

4 Responses to Favorite Bars

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  2. Anna C says:

    I would have to say my favorites are:

    Rogue Hispaniola – I agree with M, this one is classic,simple and perfect.
    Nirvana Dark w/ Pomegranate – This bar is by far my favorite, I passed it around with some friends and by the time it made it back to me it was gone!
    Nirvana Dark w/ Sea Salt and Caramel – The caramel and sea salt was so interesting . The alternating sweet and salt as well as the texture of the soft chocolate versus the salt granules was amazing. One little square satiates my chocolate cravings.

  3. Jessica Ferraro says:

    Bonnat’s Chuao 75%…Was recommended to me by a shopkeeper in Paris and ultimately inspired not only my cacao obsession but also a simply magical adventure to the remote village of Chuao, Venezuela…

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