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It’s Sunday, Sundae Sunday!

Grab your fixings and get ready to celebrate because the third Sunday in July is Sundae Sunday, which falls on July 18th this year.  The Sundae is an American icon that is well known for its indulgence and ingenuity.  No … Continue reading

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Top 5 Chocolate Bars

What is your favorite bar?  I get asked this question a lot.  I remind people that I only carry chocolate bars that I love to eat and truly enjoy sharing with others.  No junk or so-so bars for Drexelius Chocolates. … Continue reading

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Nunu Cashew Caramels

I love Nunu Chocolates.  This Brooklyn chocolatier creates yummy stuff, which I am elated to share with you.  This time around I decided to add the Salt Roasted Cashew Caramels.  Even though I had never tried them, the description was … Continue reading

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Worth Their Salt

Ahhhh.  Salt. Salt has been a part of human existence almost from the start. About 4000 years ago, China pioneered salt production by sinking deep bamboo shafts to extract brine and boil it. In West Africa, caravans trekked the Saharan … Continue reading

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Chocolate Maya Truffles

We drove to Santa Barbara this weekend and stopped in to Chocolate Maya for a visit.  This great little store has a nice variety of chocolate bars and also sells truffles.  We decided to try some of the truffles which … Continue reading

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