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Top 5 Chocolate Bars

What is your favorite bar?  I get asked this question a lot.  I remind people that I only carry chocolate bars that I love to eat and truly enjoy sharing with others.  No junk or so-so bars for Drexelius Chocolates. … Continue reading

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Xocolatl de David – Almond + Pimenton

Checking out new chocolate can be fun and interesting.  When I stop in a store, I browse the chocolate to see what catches my attention.   This time it was a pretty little bar in a plain brown box -> … Continue reading

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Oh, Nuts…I Mean Almonds!

February 16 is National Almond Day.  I’m crazy for almonds.  They are just so nutterific!  I love them raw, roasted, toasted, shaved, chopped…love, love, love ’em. The almond tree thrives here in California.  It was brought here by the missions, … Continue reading

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Tea-Infused Hot Chocolate

The holidays are a great time to try and enjoy new things.  I heard about tea-infused hot chocolate and thought, “Why not?”  Tea is such a wonderful drink and to be able to blend it with hot chocolate seems like … Continue reading

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More Than Chocolate

Drexelius Chocolates makes giving or getting gifts easy.  We’ve done a lot of tasting and research to find the world’s finest chocolate.  You get to enjoy the yuuuuummy results! The chocolate makers we carry do more than just create delicious chocolate.  They work … Continue reading

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Dolfin Chocolate Arrivals!

We love getting chocolate shipments here at Drexelius Chocolates.  It means sharing incredible taste experiences with you.  Some of what has been shipped are bars that have been missing for a while, like these Dolfin bars.  So we get to … Continue reading

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National Chili Week

Fire it up! It’s National Chili Week!! What?  You didn’t know the first week of October was National Chili Week?  Well, neither did I.  So let’s celebrate the coming of Fall by kicking up the heat with a few of … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fondue!

Chocolate fondue is easy to make, fun and absolutely delicious to eat. People always ask what type of chocolate to use for the fondue? Well, make sure it is the best quality you can find. Read the ingredients because you don’t … Continue reading

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