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Power Up With Pomegranate And Chocolate

Have you introduced your taste buds to Nirvana?  One of the things I look for when buying chocolate is unique or different flavors.   So when I saw the Nirvana with Pomegranate bar I just had to try it! Nirvana is … Continue reading

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Shake It Up!

I love shakes.  Cool, creamy, yummy.  They are a great way to cool off on a warm day.  They also go great with burgers and onion rings.  Shakes can be a great on-the-run meal, depending on the ingredients.  This basic … Continue reading

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Top 5 Chocolate Bars

What is your favorite bar?  I get asked this question a lot.  I remind people that I only carry chocolate bars that I love to eat and truly enjoy sharing with others.  No junk or so-so bars for Drexelius Chocolates. … Continue reading

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Winter Fancy Food Show 2010

This past weekend we were off to San Francisco for fun and frolic at the NASFT Winter Fancy Food show where I discovered some new tastes while eating myself silly!  I love San Francisco and to have the show in … Continue reading

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Worth Their Salt

Ahhhh.  Salt. Salt has been a part of human existence almost from the start. About 4000 years ago, China pioneered salt production by sinking deep bamboo shafts to extract brine and boil it. In West Africa, caravans trekked the Saharan … Continue reading

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Free Chocolate Friday – Nov 09

Happy Thanksgiving! Jeff is our lucky winner this month.  He will be getting free premium chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates as the November winner of Free Chocolate Friday! ***(Winners are notified by e-mail to receive their special code)*** This is really one … Continue reading

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We’ve Got New Chocolate!

We are truly excited to have the chance to share wonderful, delicious chocolate.  This week we have some newcomers for your selection and the return of some customer favorites:   Nirvana is back with their heavenly and incredibly delicious Pomegranate, … Continue reading

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Battle of the Chili Chocolate

It was simple.  I have been tasting a few different chili chocolates so I wanted to compare them in a taste test.  Two bars are from our current selection and the third bar was discoverd on a research trip to San Francisco this … Continue reading

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