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Celebrate National Chocolate Day

It’s finally here!  National Chocolate Day is October 28th.  Huzzah!!! Not like we don’t celebrate chocolate here at Drexelius Chocolates, but some people need a reason to bring out the party hats.  Have some Casa don Puglisi hot chocolate with … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Salt

I was watching Mad Men, which is a show about life in the 1960s.  The grandpa is with his granddaughter at the kitchen table and he is eating chocolate ice cream right out of the rectangular paper container.  The little girl reminds him that … Continue reading

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Olive & Sinclair Chocolate In Stock

A lot of people think good chocolate comes from overseas (Belgium and Switzerland mostly for some reason), but here in America we do a good job of making our own yummy chocolate.  I’m not talking about Hershey’s.  Drexelius Chocolates is … Continue reading

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