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Hot Chocolate v. Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate.  Hot cocoa.  There’s a difference?  I had used the term interchangeably until I found out they were not the same. Hot chocolate (a.k.a. drinking chocolate) is made with actual chocolate, preferably dark, and hot milk.  I have a … Continue reading

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National Chili Week

Fire it up! It’s National Chili Week!! What?  You didn’t know the first week of October was National Chili Week?  Well, neither did I.  So let’s celebrate the coming of Fall by kicking up the heat with a few of … Continue reading

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South of the Border Taste Off

In the South of the Border Taste Off we are matching up the Taza Mexicano Cinnamon disks against the Casa don Puglisi Cinnamon bar.  Both are made in traditional styles, but Puglisi is cold processed. Taza roasts their beans before … Continue reading

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Casa don Puglisi – Cinnamon Chocolate

On one of my (many) chocolate expeditions I came across Casa don Puglisi from Modica, Italy.  These unpretentious bars are wrapped in simple, thick parchment paper and tied with string.  I decided for the 45% chocolate and cinnamon bar.  The ingredients are as … Continue reading

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Man v. Machine

People ask me quite often what chocolate I think is the best chocolate around.  This is tough for me to answer because there are so many great chocolate bars.  I really like a lot of them and it is hard … Continue reading

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For Father’s Day – Give Chocolate!

Are you wondering what he really wants this Father’s Day? Even though he might look handsome all dressed up, forget the tie.  Let’s try not to remind him about work of any sort. Why don’t you tempt his taste buds … Continue reading

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